Single-screw Pump PH 35 with inverter, on trolley Stainless steel body pump: suitable in contact with foodstuffs.

Mechanical seal in Viton/Vidia: replaces the traditional tail that is subject to frequent maintenance. Provides a perfect sealing and remove the operations due to the leakage of the material from the body pump.

Stainless steel Archimedean screw: make it easier the uniform feeding of the pumping unit also with viscous fluids.

Stator: made with high quality certified compounds for contact with foodstuffs and wear abrasion high coefficient. Interchangeable screw rotor: Stainless Steel Aisi 420B suitable contact with foodstuffs; they can be treated with a surface coating which increases its hardness up to 2500 HV and minimizes friction with the stator rubber.

Constant velocity joints in Stainless steel.

Interchangeable screw: reduces replacement costs: when the is worn on can to change only the screw; the head, which is not to wear, it can be reused several times. For this operation is not necessary disassembling body pump; the stator is removed.

  • Engine 1,5 KW three-phase.
  • Inverter IP55.
  • Forced cooling 10-2000 RPM/MIN.
  • Flow rate: 2-53 HL/H.
  • By-Pass.
  • Pipe fittings Garolla 40.



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