Cames brand synchroblock, washing-air conditioning-drying full bottles mod. LR.4 + RP-8 + TNN-4 in stainless steel, serial number 2423.

The “Synchroblock mod. LR-4+ RP-8+ TNN-4” is a machine designed and built to wash, air-condition and externally dry full bottles. The machine allows the direct packaging of cold-filled bottles, also using self-adhesive labels, since the glass oozing process is canceled during the heating phase of the product.
In the first sector of the machine there is the rotary washing station: the bottles are blocked on the plates of the washing carousel and forced to rotate in the opposite direction to the motorized brush, under the action of water jets at room temperature.
In the second sector of the machine there is the temperature taking lung: twelve single-line belts guide the bottles in a round trip, under the constant action of jets of hot water. The latter are injected from a perforated square-section bar, and carry out the heat exchange directly on the central part of the bottle, keeping the cork dry.
The single-line belt system has the peculiarity of total control of each single bottle, as each one receives the previously set time and temperature values in equal measure.
In the third and last sector drying is carried out: suitably directed air jets are made to flow from 3 pairs of distributors (1-2 L=1000 3-4 L=1000 5-6 L=500) over the entire surface outside of the bottles, spaced out and rotated by a double belt at different speeds.
The aforementioned distributors are adjustable in width and inclination, powered by 6 generators placed on the base of the machine. This machine also allows the exclusion of the temperature taking sector, allowing the operator to use the synchroblock as a simple washer-dryer of full bottles.
Production: about 4000 b/h
Year: 2013
Equipped with cylindrical bottle format cl. 75 Ø94 and cl. 150 Ø121.
Complete with use and maintenance manual, wiring diagram and CE declaration.
Dimensions of the bottle washer: Length 1.850mm x Width 1.150mm x H 2.200mm about.
Tunnel dimensions: Length 4.300mm x Width 1.950mm x H 2.150mm about.
Total weight: 3.500 kg about.

Equipment in good condition, sold in the state that is as seen and liked.


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