MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl (afterwards also called ” Firm “) created their Web site in order to give information about their activity, as well as their products, services and initiatives they can offer or undertake.

Therefore, visitors can freely look over the Web site contents and can reproduce documents and information only for personal use (on condition that they do not violate the regulations in force as concerns trademark safeguarding, copyright and any other intellectual property right). On the contrary, for a commercial use, they need a written authorization from MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl: consequently, it is expressly forbidden to distribute, modify, forward, recycle, report and use the Web site contents for a public or commercial use without the written authorization above mentioned.

The access to the Web site and its use are submitted to the following Regulations and to all the applicable provisions of the low. When visitors access and surf the Firm‘s Web site, they accept the following Regulations without reserve and restrictions:


  1. When visitors access this Web site, they recognize and accept that any part of the site is protected by copyright, unless it is differently indicated; they also accept that its use is forbidden without the written authorization of MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl, apart from the exceptions expressly mentioned in these Terms and Conditions or in the text of the Web site. At the same time, the Firm cannot guarantee to the visitors that the use of the material in the Web site does not imply the violation of the third party’s rights.
  2. Granted that MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl pays the highest attention and care in guaranteeing the accuracy and updating of the information in this Web site, no assurance is given about its exactness; MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl will not assume the responsibility, even indirect, for possible mistakes and omissions in the Web site material. Only the visitor is responsible for any decision based on this information. Visitors use and surf this Web site at their own risk.
  3. Consequently, MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl and any other subject involved in the Web site creation, production or services, will not assume any responsibility for possible lost or damages which may derive from the Web site access and use, whichever nature they are (direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential). MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl, moreover, do not assume any responsibility and will not be considered to be responsible for possible direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damages, or for damages deriving from computer virus, which may affect the data processing instruments or other properties of the visitor’s as a consequence of the Web site access, use or surfing, or as a consequence of the unloading of video or audio material, data, texts, images, from the Web site itself.
  4. Consulting the Web site does not require any personal data request, unless visitors want to get in touch with MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl or want to make use of MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl advice; in these cases, users can give just the strictly necessary data for the fulfilment of their requests, after reading the Informative report about privacy provided for by the current regulations; in order to assure the full respect of the current regulations about privacy safeguarding, MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl has a specific organization, here described in the Privacy section.
  5. The Firm informs that drawings, maps, photographs and other material in this Web site have been originally created or elaborated by the Firm itself, therefore they must be considered as a creative intellectual work to be specifically protected. If the visitor or a third party use one or more of these elaborations, they break the copyright laws, with reference to the Law 22.4.1941, n. 633 and successive modifications and additions, thus committing a crime in conformity with the Law itself.
  6. MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl has the ownership or has the authorization to use the images in this Web site showing people, places, equipment. The use of these images from the visitor, or from any other user authorized by the visitor is forbidden, unless they have a written authorization of the Firm.
  7. In this Web site you can find some links to third party’s web sites that may be useful for the visitor. These web sites are out of the control of MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl, which is not responsible for their contents. Therefore, visitors will connect to these sites on their own responsibility and at their own risk.
  8. MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl reserves the right to review and modify these Regulations at any moment, updating this web page. Visitors are bound by each revision and change; therefore it is up to them to look over this page periodically, in order to check which Regulations they are bound to in that particular moment, it being understood that the other applicable provisions of the low remain the same.
  9. MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl, searching for a continuous improvement in Quality and Services, reserves the right to review and modify this Web site and its contents (photographs, technical data, characteristics, offers, etc.) at any moment, updating the web pages according to their needs, without any notice. Therefore, it is up to the visitors to visit periodically the pages they are interested in, in order to verify possible changes in the Web site.
  10. The Firm reserves the right to suspend the Web site working at any moment, although this interruption – either due to MONTANARO FRATELLI Srl or to a third party – will not imply any responsibility of the Firm towards the users or the third party.