The MONTANARO F.lli Srl  Wine-Making Machinery Workshop – has now more that 60 years of experience in wine-making and beverage industry: it was founded in Canelli (Asti) in the year 1959.

The Company is manufacturing and selling equipment for the wine field, from the wine-making process to the bottling, as well as for other beverages and different products.

Thanks to the long-term experience and the continuous research and evolution, our organisation can satisfy the needs of the small and big producers.

We are specialised in designing and manufacturing of: plates filters, manufactured in stainless steel, with cellulose filter sheets or fossil flours, micro-filters with cartridge, with or without ‘by-pass’, in-line fillers in stainless steel, equipped with filters or micro-filters, electric pumps with different capacity, even for dense products, mixer with extractable shaft.

Guaranteed second-hand wine equipment market: : complete reconditioning and selling of selected semi-automatic and automatic equipment, available on stock, for wine-making and bottling. The machines are totally overhauled in our workshop, where we keep a large stock or spare parts.

Thanks to our technical knowledge and experience developed throughout the years, we can guarantee that the operation of the used equipment is same as on new machines.

MONTANARO F.LLI is able to perform repairs and maintenance on different machines and plants (at the customer’s premises if needed) and can supply spare parts service as well.

Finally, we can supply brand new equipment and turn-key plants (presses, pumps, crushers, stainless steel tanks, stainless steel fittings, ball or butterfly valves, sanitary DIN fittings, spiral hoses with different diameters.) as authorised dealers of different companies.

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