Manual cleaning Clarifier Centrifuge, model “IMMA MICRO”, suitable for turbid wine processing with substances solid in suspension for a production of about 1500/2000 L/h.
Machine composed of stainless steel bowl, with 5 baskets, piping and flow sensor for control production, electrical equipment CE, with amperometer for monitoring absorption, 380 Volt,
Three- phase motor HP 6/ KW 4,5, RPM about 5000.
The drum and the relative baskets are cleanded by hand, when the drum of the machine is full of sediment; at this point the machine is stopped, after which the drum is removed and the sediment (LEES) are cleaned by hand, then it reassembled all, and restart the machine for a new centrifugation cycle.
After processing about 15/20 hl of very turbid must, it is necessary to stop the machine, and proceed with a manual cleaning. This operation may to change, depending on the turbidity of must or wine that it is centrifuged.

Equipment was total overhauled and repainted.


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